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Sender's Step:

  1. Go to Western Union branch
  2. Register with Western Union as Member by filling up required detailsin the form
  3. The western union branch will give him a membership card, everytime he visits branch much show the card
  4. The sender has to fill up in the form, the receivers details if he wants to send the money. The form will have receiver name, amount, address, relationship between sender and receiver
  5. The give the money equavalent to currency at the branch.
  6. Once payment is done western union will give a receipt showing a secret code number. This secret code number you must tell to the receiver. Only you and the receiver will know the code, you must not tell to anybody else.

Receiver's Step:

  1. The receiver must go to the nearest western union branch.
  2. Tell the secret code the sender has given to him or her
  3. After verifying the receivers name, senders name and details the branch will give the money to the receiver

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